The Sports Services Department, which operates under the Directorate of Health, Culture, and Sports at our university, is responsible for organizing and managing all sports activities with the aim of preserving the physical and mental health of students and utilizing their leisure time effectively. It evaluates the university's sports halls and facilities according to this purpose, ensures that university students and staff can benefit from these facilities to the extent possible, and carries out the maintenance, management, and construction of sports facilities.

Our Mission:

To help our university students and staff understand the importance of physical education and sports in preserving their physical and mental health and make sports an integral part of their lives, utilizing the sports facilities and opportunities we have.

Our Vision:

To meet the physical sports activity needs of our university students and staff through various sports activities.


    • Open Sports Areas
    • Main Sports Hall
    • Gümüşsuyu Sports Hall
    • Vadi Dormitories Sports Hall
    • Olympic Swimming Pool
    • ITU Stadium
    • Gümüşsuyu Indoor Football Field
    • Healthy Living Center
    • Tennis Courts