The Health, Culture, and Sports Department was established in accordance with Article 46 and Article 47 of Law No. 2547 on Higher Education, in order to protect the physical and mental health of university students, provide treatment for those who are ill, offer services for accommodation, nutrition, work, rest, and the utilization of leisure time based on their interests, enable the acquisition of new areas of interest, improve their health and social conditions, and foster the development of their talents and personalities in a healthy manner. The department aims to educate students to be individuals who care for their mental and physical well-being, establish regular and disciplined habits of work, rest, and recreation together.

Therefore, the Health, Culture, and Sports Department functions as a healthcare institution for the entire student body in universities, providing services as a unit that meets students' social, cultural, counseling, guidance, and sports needs. It also serves as a center for implementing and conducting research in this field, with the goal of supporting education and teaching.

Our department, with its current staff, values your work and suggestions and strives to find solutions for your problems. We wish success to our students not only in their academic achievements but also in the cultural, social, and sports domains.