Preschool Services

History of Our School

The first preschool was established in the Maçka campus in 1982 with two teachers and provided education for children aged 5-6 using a mixed-gender education model. In the Ayazağa campus, the preschool was established in 1985 with a capacity of 10 children and two teachers. Our current Nursery and Preschool were opened in 1990, during the tenure of Rector Prof. Dr. İlhan KAYAN, with the aim of providing care and education services to 20 children through donations from ESKA company. Later, the capacity was expanded by adding the 0-3 age group, and in 2005, three additional classrooms were added to accommodate more children.

In 2017, our new building in the Ayazağa campus started providing services. The building, along with activity areas such as a music room, playroom, multipurpose hall, puzzle room, library, and outdoor play area, offers educational services with 10 classrooms.

In June 2020, the preschool located in the Maçka campus was relocated to the Ayazağa campus, and education and care services are now provided only in the Ayazağa campus preschool.

ITU Preschool aims to provide care and education for the children of academic and administrative staff and workers employed at our university. By doing so, it creates a safer working environment for parents while increasing their work productivity, in addition to taking care of the children's well-being and education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise children aged 2-6 years in accordance with developmental goals. We aim to develop their creativity, self-confidence, sharing abilities, self-expression, aesthetic sense, self-advocacy, respect for the rights of others, proper use of the Turkish language, and awareness of moral and cultural values. We are committed to Atatürk's principles and revolutions. By providing care and education services to the children of our university staff and collaborating with their families, our goal is to raise happy individuals who are ready for primary education, prepare them for the changing world, and fulfill their basic needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an innovative and progressive institution that embraces ITU's vision, provides preschool education in line with national and international standards, and constantly improves and advances.

Our Staff

1 Director

1 Deputy Director

1 Psychologist

1 Secretary

13 Teachers

12 Support Staff

5 Kitchen Staff

1 Security Guard