Scholarship Opportunities

Need-Based Scholarship

Applications for the Need-Based Scholarship should be submitted to the Student Affairs Offices of the faculties. Need-Based Scholarships are provided to students who are determined eligible by the Faculty Scholarship Committees. The primary criteria for undergraduate students applying for the Need-Based Scholarship are having a minimum GPA of 2.00 and insufficient financial means. Preparatory class students are also eligible for this scholarship. The Need-Based Scholarship is valid for one academic year (9 months), and the annual quota is determined by the Foundation.

Meal Scholarship

Our university provides the opportunity for students in need to have one meal (only lunch) free of charge at our university's dining halls. Selected students can have free meals for one academic year. Applications for the Meal Scholarship should be made to the Student Affairs Offices of the faculties at the beginning of each academic year. Our university offers meal scholarships to 2,000 students annually.

For detailed information, please visit the website of the Dormitories and Scholarships Office.